Show Me The Money 6 Episode 3 Engsub

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Show Me The Money 6 Episode 3 Engsub. Here is Ep 3 Preview. Enjoy!

“Show Me The Money 6” Under Fire For Having Connections Outweigh Skill And Talent

Mnet's "Demonstrate to Me The Money 6" is headed toward a rough begin with numerous protestations about the show concentrating on associations as opposed to ability.
The second scene of the program, which circulated on July 7, demonstrated the second round of tryouts. Amid this stage, rappers who had gone through the general tryouts needed to rap before the four maker groups for 60 seconds. Amid this moment, makers can "come up short" the hopeful in the event that they don't care for their execution and, if all makers press "come up short," the contender is dispensed with.
Obviously, numerous talented rappers effortlessly gone to the following round. Be that as it may, issues emerged when old fashioned rapper, Digiri, who has individual associations with a large number of the makers, ventured up to the stage. His rapping was below average and he committed numerous errors amid his execution. Subsequently, albeit three of the maker groups fizzled him, Tiger JK let him pass.
Later on in a meeting, Tiger JK stated, "I couldn't press the "come up short" catch, despite the fact that I know this will end up being an issue. On the off chance that Digiri doesn't demonstrate his actual abilities in the third round, he will be dispensed with."
Following this stunning outcome, numerous watchers demonstrated their dissatisfaction and outrage towards the show. What added to the failure, in any case, was that, beforehand, a talented youthful rapper named Na Sang Wook put on a stunning execution however was quickly dispensed with after he committed a verse error towards the finish of his execution. From that point forward, individuals have been bringing up issues with respect to the value of "Demonstrate to Me The Money 6" and have been alluding to the show as "Demonstrate to Me The Connections."
What are your considerations on the issue?


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