Show Me The Money 6 Episode 6 Engsub

Full Episode SMTM6 ep 7 || Episode 5 Show Me The Money 6 Episode 6 Engsub. Video Show Me The Money 6 Episode 6 Engsub. Mnet Show Me The Money 6 Episode 6 Engsub. Watch Video Show Me The Money 6 Episode 5 and Episode 4 On July 22 scene of 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook', Zico opened the show as the primary visitor and played out his freshest title track "Craftsman". Amid the meeting, Yoo Hee Yeol asked Zico which makers he regarded and he answered, "obviously Yoo Hee Yeol sunbaenim, Lee Hyun Do sunbaenim, and Seo Taiji sunbaenim." He proceeded with, "Website design enhancement Taiji sunbaenim is a man who discharged everything from an early age and moved the Korean culture itself. I imagine that reason alone is sufficient to regard and admire him. Indeed, even now, his name makes my heart pound." Zico likewise went onto disclose why he chose to show up on 'Demonstrate to Me The Money 6', "I imagined that the fourth season would have been the last season so I needed to be a piece of the show when it achieved its pinnacle. That is the reason I chose to show up on the show regardless of the kickbacks and reactions. This season is the same. I believe it will be the last season. There are such a variety of capable individuals on the show at the present time that when I glance back at the show subsequent to taping all over, I can see that I enhanced too."


  1. where are the subs so slow updating

  2. okays guys its subbed! thanks jin!!

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