Infinity Challenge Ep 543

The 'Infinity Challenge' crew auditioned to play wrestling stars on the Netflix show 'Glow'!
On the August 19th 'La La Land' special of the variety show, the cast members tried their hand at Hollywood. For the audition session for 'Glow', Yoo Jae Suk transformed into 'Kiss Man', Jung Joon Hyung became 'Yeti', and Park Myung Soo was inspired by Hulk Hogan.
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Kiss Man tried his best against Yeti, ending their match with a tender kiss, and Yeti showed his strength by devouring grapes. Though Park Myung Soo initially gave up due to nerves, he ended up knocking down Yeti with wax tape, his armpit, and a picture of his wife.

Check out the auditions above and below!

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