Knowing Brother Ep 111 Engsub

The singer appeared on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” on January 20 to talk about a variety of subjects and share more about herself.

As BoA is a well-respected female solo singer, the cast asked BoA to take on a fitting challenge. She was asked to learn choreography on the spot, as everyone was curious to know if she could watch a dance once and replicate it. The first dance she was given was TWICE’s “Likey.” BoA was able to perfectly pull of the dance, even putting her own spin on it to make it her own. The cast asked her again if she’d really never seen the dance before, and BoA said, “I’ve seen it on music shows a few times, but other than that, no.”

She shared her secrets as she explained, “When I look at choreography, I try to find patterns and repetitive moves.”

Next, she was asked to replicate Min Kyung Hoon’s “Rent Dance” from a previous “Ask Us Anything” episode. Though she was taken aback at first by the strange moves, BoA quickly picked up on it and made everyone laugh as she gave it her all.

Finally, BoA also danced to “Pick Me,” the theme song of Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” which she was the MC for.

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